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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Why The Canon 7D Will Be A Full Frame DSLR

Canon 7D Full Frame Sensor

There's been talk online that the coming Canon 7D will have a 1.6X sensor.

Here's the 7D specs I've seen quoted for such a camera.

Canon EOS 7D
1.6x crop format
- dual digic 4
- 8 fps
- 19 af points (all cross type)
- ISO 100-6400 (L & H1 & H2)
- 63 metering zones
- 100% viewfinder
- Horizon Help Viewfinder
- 3″ VGA LCD
- FullHD Video
- Built in Flash Master

There's a few reasons this just isn't going to happen.

First of all, this sounds an awful lot like what the 60D will be, doesn't it? So unless Canon is just starting a new naming system for their XXD line of DSLRs, this certainly won't be what the Canon 7D is going to look like.

Granted, the above specs sound like a great Canon DSLR, and I do think you'll see one released pretty much as per these specs, but it'll be the Canon 60D, not the 7D.

The Canon 7D needs to be a full frame DSLR. Nikon has positioned itself nicely in the full frame DSLR market with its two sets of full frame siblings, the D3 and the D700, and the D3X and the coming D700X. Canon needs a full frame DSLR that sits below the 5D MkII in their lineup.

When the Canon 1D MkIV and the Canon 1Ds MkIV come out, Canon will then have four full frame DSLRs in their lineup, with the 7D and the 5D MkII rounding out the team. At the moment, strangely enough, Canon is lagging behind Nikon in their full frame DSLR offerings. I don't expect them to leave that alone for long, and the Canon 7D is going to fill in that hole nicely for them.

These are exciting times folks! Never have we had so many great options to choose from! With Sony fighting hard with the introduction of their Sony Alpha A850, full frame, 25 MP DSLR at around $2000 (check out Michael Reichmann's great Alpha 850 review over at Luminous Landscape), the full frame DSLR market is heating up.

**Update: Well, I was wrong and Canon is stupid. The Canon 7D has been announced, and there's no full frame, just an updated 50D. :-( **

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