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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Speedlight Softbox - 20"x20" Collapsible Portable Speedlight Softbox for Nikon or Canon Flash Speedlights

Speedlight Softbox

I'm always looking for a better Speedlight Softbox, and I just found the best one I've seen yet.

It's a 20"x20" speedlight softbox that collapses down so easy it's amazing. It comes with all the mounting hardware, including an adjustable L bracket and mini ball head mount that attaches to your light stand. The L bracket adjust on both the horizontal and vertical axis so you can raise and lower your speedlight as well as move it forward or backward.

As far as portable softboxes for speedlights go, this is the best out there that I've seen, and I've seen, bought, and shot with most of them. The construction is excellent. It's made of excellent quality materials, and the sewing and craftsmanship is first rate. It's tough, resilient, and professional looking.

It has an interior diffuser baffle as well as the 18"x18" translucent diffusing front cover to make for a beautifully soft and diffused light. The softbox is about 10" deep from the front cover to the rear ring. The front cover has velcro along the four outer edges and attaches easily.

Fits Nikon or Canon Speedlights, as well as most other Speedlights (i.e. Vivitar, Sunpak, Metz, Lumopro, etc.)


- 1 Collapsible 20" x20" softbox
- 1 Translucent 18"x18" diffusive front cover
- 1 Removable interior white diffuser baffle
- 1 Metal mounting ring
- 1 L Bracket with hotshoe for mounting your speedlight
- 1 Mini ball head fits standard 5/8" or 1/4" lightstand or tripod
- 1 Travel bag.

Collapsible Speedlight Softbox

The complete softbox setup, folded down and inside the included travel bag. Measures approx 10" x 10" x 5".

All the components before assembly when you first open the travel bag.

Folded Speedlight Softbox for Nikon or Canon

The Speedlight Softbox folded and collapsed.

The Speedlight Softbox uncollapsed, folded.

The included hardware... 2 way adjustable L bracket, flash shoe, mini ball head.

tInterior of Speedlight Softbox

Interior of softbox with diffuser baffle installed.

Rear view of softbox fully assembled, on a light stand with a Nikon SB-800 Speedlight flash attached.

Closeup rear view of the softbox with SB-800 attached.

Rear view from the left on an angle.

Rear view from the right on an angle.

Closeup rear view of SB-800 on L bracket.

Front view of Speedlight Softbox fully assembled on lightstand.

Another front view shot.

The softbox folded with the L bracket and mounting ring.

Side view of ring, L bracket, and mini ball head.

Downwards view of L bracket, ring, and mini ball head.

The Speedlight Softbox collapsed before folding.

Want one? (or two, or three, or four...)


andreiphotos said...


Do you think it may fit Canon 430 flash mounted on the Pocketwizard Flex5?

Who is the seller/shipper?


Matt Ballard said...

I don't see why it would be a problem. The shoe mount bracket has a sliding height adjuster for adjusting the flash head height.

We sell and ship them.