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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Canon EOS 5D MkII - New Firmware Adds Features For Filmmakers To The 5D MkII

Magic Lantern 5D MkII Firmware On Set

Magic Lantern has released new firmware for the Canon EOS 5D MkII that adds features especially for Filmmakers!

The new 5D MkII firmware is essentially an extension for the video mode of the 5D MkII that enables capabilities specifically designed for filmmakers.

Most 5D MkII shooters have found out by now that the 5D MkII makes a great movie, but the audio leaves something to be desired. This new firmware is aimed at fixing that. It adds "on-screen stereo audio meters, live audio monitoring, reduced audio noise, and crop marks for different formats."

Magic Lantern has posted a great video on their new 5D Mark II firmware that goes through all the new features and shows them in use. There's also a video that does a great evaluation of the new Magic Lantern 5D MkII firmware's audio vs the stock 5D MkII firmware's audio.

The new 5D MkII firmware is open platform, and the developer says there'll be new features added that will "make the camera even more useful on set." It's nice to see open platform firmware and software as it leaves things open for others to contribute and build upon!

There's even a Magic Lantern 5D MkII firmware wiki so you can get all the reference info you need in one place.

24P isn't currently available in the new 5D MkII firmware, although the author is working on it. He states in the 5D MkII firmware wiki that "it may be possible to select different frame rates, and if someone is able to find the register inside the DIGIC4 to set the frame rate, we can easily toggle it in Magic Lantern. Without any documentation, however, our best hope might be that Canon will add these two frame rates to compete with the new DSLR cameras from its competitors. "

If any of you techno programmer gurus out there can help out, I'm sure your efforts would be appreciated!

Overall, the new Magic Lantern 5D MkII firmware looks to be a great option for those fusion shooters who want to make movies with their 5D MkII!

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