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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Nikon D300s Available for Pre-Order

The Nikon D300s has been announced by Nikon.

Here's the Nikon page.

So lets look and see what Nikon actually came out with as compared to the rumored specs I discussed in my Nikon D300s rumors articles.

The big news with the Nikon D300s is the dual memory card slots and the video with full auto focus.

The Nikon D300s having dual memory card slots put the D300s in a league of its own. Nobody else has a camera in this range with dual cards slots. The D300s is a first of its kind in this regard. A lot of pros are going to buy the D300s for the dual card slots alone.

The other big news, perhaps even bigger than the dual memory card slots, is the D300s new video with auto focus. The video AF REALLY puts the Nikon D300s in a category all its own. No other DSLR has video with auto focus capability. The D300s is it. If you want a DSLR that does video with AF, you buy a Nikon D300s.

Also of note is the external stereo mic input on the D300s. This is a welcome feature that many people will like. Coupled with the HD video with AF, this may make the Nikon D300s the camera of choice for a fusion DSLR.

For me, while I'm happy that Nikon continues to deliver more features and continuous improvements, the D300s won't likely be finding its way into my camera bag. My trusty D300 bodies are working just great, and I see no need to replace them with the "s" update. :)

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