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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Canon EOS 7D - One Flickr Users Canon 7D Pipedream

Canon EOS 7D

As most DSLR shooters know, we may be seeing a Canon 7D this September.

One excited Flickr member has written an amusing article on the coming 7D, claiming to have a source at Canon R&D that has given him the inside scoop on the Canon 7D specs. While it's an amusing read, it's obviously meant to be funny and not factual. If the 7D had half the features that the article claims, EVERYONE would buy one!

For starters, JMark (the Flickr member who wrote the Canon 7D article), says the new Canon 7D will have Universal Vibration Reduction, or uVR. JMark says uVR is basically in-camera image stabilization and that it provides a "10 stop advantage" when shooting. Wow! 10 Stops! And here I thought 4 stops with Nikon VR or Canon IS was great! Canon has really had their R&D boffins hard at work to make such a HUGE improvement in image stabilization on the Canon 7D.

JMark's description of the new 7D's shooting modes is amusing, if not confusing. You'll have to read it for yourself, as I'm not even going to try to describe it.

Even more revolutionary, according to JMark, the Canon 7D will have Photoshop built right in! Imagine, no more computer time spent working on photos! You just press a button on your 7D and do the editing right in camera. Incredible! The Canon 7D will truly shake up the industry if JMark is correct about this feature! (although I wouldn't hold your breath :-)

I chuckled even more when I read JMark's paragraph on the new built-in songs that the Canon 7D will have. Apparently, we need some tunes to listen to while we're shooting, and the Canon 7D will have 5 to choose from! Who needs an iPod or iPhone for tunes when our trusty 7D can play music for us?

The new Canon MindProbe technology on the Canon 7D is even more incredible! JMark says the 7D will scan your brain and know when you are about to take a picture so that by the time "you actually press the shutter, the 7D has already captured 3 images (or 6 in GTI mode)." Wow! No more shutter lag. Way to go Canon!

And check out the memory storage. JMark says the Canon 7D has no less than 10 types of memory slots or storage, including the ever popular high speed paper tape and punch cards. We'll never have an excuse again for losing an image. Just another feature that will make the Canon 7D a truly revolutionary DSLR!

And last, but certainly not least, the 7D will be sporting an entirely new remote trigger system. This could be the most exciting feature of the Canon 7D. You'll be able to trigger your 7D from anywhere thanks to "a series of satellites in orbit that are dedicated to receiving wireless remote signals from users anywhere on the planet." Truly incredible.

I wonder if JMark is related to Uncle Bob, our ever popular Monday columist?

In any case, check out JMark's article for an amusing read on the coming Canon 7D. Pipedream? Maybe. Amusing? Certainly.

Me, I'm going to see if I can find a Canon 7D pre-order page at B&H. :)

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