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Monday, August 24, 2009

Uncle Bob's Top 5 Reasons To Buy A Canon 7D


Reason #5 to Buy a Canon 7D - Your Canon 5D MkII only focuses properly about 25% of the time, so you're hoping the Canon 7D will have a focus system that works.

Reason #4 to Buy a Canon 7D - You can't afford a Canon 5D MkII and you want a full frame Canon DSLR because it'll make you a better photographer.

Reason #3 to Buy a Canon 7D - You don't like the 1D and 1Ds series DSLR cameras because they're too heavy, their names are too long, and they cost WAY too much money.

Reason #2 to Buy a Canon 7D - The 7D will be the new Canon DSLR high ISO King. If you like to take naked pictures of your wife in the dark while she's sleeping without using any lighting so you don't wake her up, you're going to want the 7D.

Reason #1 to Buy a Canon 7D - Seven is two more than five. Seven tenths is more than five tenths. If Canon named the 5D MkII after the fact that five out of ten times you'll get a sharp photo, then it stands to reason that the 7D will give you a sharp photo seven out of ten times. That's two tenths more reason to buy a Canon 7D over a 5D MkII.

See you next Monday,
Uncle Bob.

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