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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Canon G10 Powershot - 5 Reasons to Sell Your Canon G10 And Buy A G11

Canon announced the new Canon Powershot G11 a couple of days ago on August 19, 2009.

In their press release they refer to the G11 as "the successor to the multi award-winning PowerShot G10 - the favourite compact of professional photographers and photoagencies the world over."

Canon G10 Powershot Compact Digital Camera

I'd have to say I totally agree with Canon's description of the venerable little Canon G10. The G10 is pretty much alone in the crowd, as far as compact digital cameras go. No other compact offers up such a sweet blend of features, build quality, image quality, and loveability as the Canon G10.

The question now is, will the Canon G11 measure up? Will it truly be a successor as Canon calls it or will G10 owners be better off keeping their wonderful little G10's and not bothering with the newer G11?

Here's 5 Reasons to Sell Your Canon G10 and buy the new G11.

1. The G11 is newer than the Canon G10. It'll have better image processing and be capable of delivering a better quality image, especially at high ISO.

2. The G11 will be better at shooting in dim lighting at high ISO than the Canon G10. Canon is claiming the G11 will be up to 2 stops better at high ISO, compared to the G10. Considering most of the kind of images you would shoot with either the Canon G10 or the Canon G11 will be ones that benefit from being able to use a higher ISO, this is a clear advantage of the G11 over the Canon G10.

3. The resale price of your G10 will only go down once the G11 is available. In fact, if you can live without it until the G11 is available, sell your Canon G10 now and get the most you can for it. It'll make the cost of upgrading less painful. :-)

4. The G11 will be the compact digital camera to have. If you want to be part of the "IN" crowd, then you should sell your Canon G10 and buy a G11. Of course, I'm being a little tongue in cheek here, but if you're like me and love new gadgets, there is something to this point.

5. If you sell your G10 now for top dollar, and you buy the Canon G11, you'll have minimized your upgrade costs as I mentioned in reason #3. If you end up not liking the G11 as much as you liked your Canon G10, you can always sell your G11 for top dollar, and buy another new, used, or re-conditioned G10, almost certainly for less than you were able to sell your first Canon G10 for. You win either way.

So there's my 5 Reasons to Sell Your Canon G10 and Buy a G11. Of course, you may just want to keep your G10 and buy the G11 anyways. You can convince the wife this is a good idea by telling her she can use one of them for herself. You'll get your new G11, get to keep your beloved G10, and you'll have scored points with the Mrs. Perfect scenario! :-)

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5 Reasons To Sell Your Canon G10 And Buy A G11


Mark Vann said...

I have a G9 so the need to sell and trade up is even more dire than a G10 owner. :-) I am still hacked that Canon did not include HD video support. :-(

stefank60 said...

no way would I give up the G10 for an 11 , indeed thinking of getting a spare G10 - it is just a stunning camera - the most delightful to use I have ever owned (I also have an EOS 400D and a 50D)

John said...

I agree with stefank60... I love my G10. No way I would sell it just to get a G11... I've heard that the build quality on the G11 is more "plasticky" too. G10 is built like an old-school film camera.

Don't believe the hype!

G11 is a gimmick... the G10 will be the classic in a few years... notice that the price of the G10 hasn't dropped a cent, even with the G11 being out for months now...