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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Nikon D700X - Misconceptions On D700X Pricing

I've had a lot of comments and correspondence from readers who think the Nikon D700X needs to be priced to compete with the Canon 5D MkII.

The 5D MkII with its 21 megapixel sensor is close to the same size as the D3X's 24 megapixel sensor that the D700X will have, but that's where the comparisons end folks.

The Nikon D700X will be the same body as the D700, in other words, a full featured, nearly indestructable, beauty of a DSLR with an autofocus system rivaled by none. The 5D MkII just doesn't come close, other than having almost as many megapixels.

The 5D MkII doesn't have the same PRO level build quality. The 5D MkII doesn't have the fully rounded feature set. Most importantly, the 5D MkII has a dated focus system that is passable at best. Fact is, many 5D MkII users are having problems with the 5D MkII's autofocus.

The Nikon D700X isn't going to be priced at the 5D MkII level. It doesn't have to be. There is nothing else on the market to compete with it. When you build a better product, you set your own pricing. Do you think BMW cares how much Chrysler sells its vehicles for?

The perfect illustration of this is the Nikon D700. It's flying off the shelves everywhere. Loads of Canon shooters have switched to Nikon because of the D700's incredible autofocus, build quality, and high ISO abilities. The D700, like it's big brother the Nikon D3, is a class leading DSLR. They don't really have any true competition in the sense that no one is making a DSLR that equals what the D700 and D3 offer. The D700 is selling strong against the 5D MkII, and the D700 is priced higher. Why would anyone think the D700X will be priced at 5D MkII levels when the D700 isn't?

The Nikon D700 is currently $2995.95 at B&H. The 5D MkII is currently $2699.95. The D700 is $300.00 more, and it's not having any problems competing with the 5D MkII. Why one earth would Nikon bring out the D700X at a 5D MkII price point?

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1 comment:

Jay said...

I think the answer to your question regarding pricing is that, as recent history has shown, especially where Canon is concerned, and I use Canon as an example because they have had a longer history up dating camera classes than Nikon has, and Canon usually keeps their camera levels in a certain price range. The 1Ds and all subsequent Marks have all stayed at that certain price point. The 5D and 5D2.....same thing. You may be right about Nikon since they are new to nailing down their camera systems and their price range. I would like to see the camera sales of the 5D2 vs the D700. I don't believe the D700 is in near the demand that the 5D2 is. I understand the hair pulling that has gone on with photographers, like myself, over Canon's autofocus, and the attraction to go somewhere else, given a quality product like what Nikon is apparently producing now. I would consider it myself if it wasn't such a big financial jump in these crazy times. I grew up shooting sports with manual focus nikons and have no problem manually focusing. I never had auto focus problems with my EOS-1 film cameras. So I don't understand why it is different with the digital cameras. As for the features on the D700x, they sound good, and the file will be nice. But other than auto focus I can't imagine any reason to go with a D700 over a 5D2. The files on the 5D2 are fantastic. I have seen numerous comparisons of the 5D2 with the DX3 and, from what i have seen, at the highest ISOs the DX3 gets the nod over the 5D2, but it is basically splitting hairs. And the features and build of the 5D, while not a brick like the 1Ds series, it is fine. I am a lifestyle shooter and shoot a lot. The features seem to plentiful to me and the cameras have held up well. Nikon is coming on but they still have a long way to go before you see more black lenses on the sidelines than the white ones. So that said, I think Canon would be wise to keep the D700x at $3500 or under. If the camera is as hot as suggested, they could create the wave they are looking for and get a strangle hold on Canon. I haven't seen much of a problem with the auto focus on the 5D2 yet, but if Canon fixes the issue solidly and Nikon sells the D700x at $4500, I wouldn't be inclined to switch just for more features, and a heavier build. Nikon let me down in the film days and that is why I did drop my Nikon system and take the hit to switch to EOS. So Nikon needs to pay serious attention to where they price the D700x. If I switched to Nikon I would seriously consider using the zeiss lenses. I say that with limited research into those lenses. Just a thought.