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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Nikon D700x Replacement for the D700?

A lot of rumours are flying around about the Nikon D700x. Some are saying that sources at Nikon have told them it will be coming before the end of the year. Others are saying it will replace the D700. Most agree it will be 24 Megapixels like the Nikon D3X.

First of all, I don't think the D700x will replace the D700. The D700x will be a higher step in the Nikon DSLR product line, similar to the D700 and D3 relationship. If there is a replacement for the D700, it will likely be a D700s, and will be a minor update to the current model (think D2X and D2Xs).

As regular readers well know, I've been talking about this coming DSLR for some time now (see Stuff I Want, The Magic of the Nikon 35mm f2.0, How the Nikon D300 Froze My Bank Account), although I've been calling it the Nikon D800. By the way, my bet is still on the Nikon D800 as the name of this yet to be released dream camera. I just like D800 better. :)

Regardless of whether it's called the D700x or the D800, I think this camera is definitely on it's way. I'm not sure about it being out by the end of the year, but considering the release timing of the Nikon D3 and the Nikon D3X, I can see it happening. On top of that, an October or early November release would have it on shelves in time for Christmas, allowing Nikon to give their sales and financial numbers a BIG boost before year end.

Here's the specs I said I wanted for the D800 in my Stuff I Want post.

Nikon D800 - a 24 Mega-pixel version of the D700. No video. No flip down LCD. Just that SUPER SWEET sensor from the D3X in a D700 body at around $4K. I'll buy one for sure!

I'm still thinking the same specs for the Nikon D700x (or D800 if I'm right), although, I'm re-thinking the video. It's highly likely that Nikon will put video in the D700x as it seems to be the latest rage right now. While it's not something I'm really interested in, I'm not opposed to it as long as it doesn't come at the expense of something else (price?).

I'm also thinking the D700x will have Nikon's built in sensor cleaning feature, and possibly the flip down LCD. I know I said no flip down LCD previously, but it makes sense that Nikon would want to make this camera as feature rich as possible. Nikon has a proud tradition of packing their DSLR's full of features, in direct contrast to Canon, who traditionally give their DSLR's (other than the flagships) a stripped down feature set.

Of course Nikon may not want to put ALL the latest features in the D700x for fear of hurting the D3X sales. I personally don't think this will be the case (just look at the D700 and D3 for a perfect example), but it's a valid point to consider.

In any case, heres my up-dated specs for the D700x (D800).
- 24 Megapixel Sensor (same one as the D3X)
- same body as the D700 / D300
- same feature set as the D700 but also adds...
- built in image sensor cleaning
- flip down LCD
- HD video movie mode
- microphone input jack for the HD video movie mode
- Live View Auto Focus in real time

Hopefully it won't be much longer now before we see how close I was on the specs. :)

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