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Friday, June 19, 2009

Where is the Nikon Digital PEN?

So, looking at the new Olympus Digital PEN has got me thinking... where is Nikon's version of the PEN? Or for that matter, Canon's version of the PEN?

Why has this type of camera been so grossly over-looked by Nikon and Canon? Neither Nikon or Canon has anything like it.

I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in thinking that there is a BIG market for this type of camera.

Perhaps Nikon and Canon are worried that it would cut into DSLR sales, but I don't buy that. They could price it higher than their already low-priced entry level DSLR's and make a tidy profit. It would add to their bottom-line as a LOT of photographers would ADD it to their arsenal, not replace anything with one.

Come on boys... give the people what they want. Take a look at the Olympus Digital PEN, have a peek at your parts inventory, get the engineers engaged, get some PRO photographers engaged, and GET TO IT!

Notice I said "get some PRO photographers engaged"? Too many times the engineers are the only ones designing things, and you get a very nice looking, fully featured, TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE camera. Specs are one thing, but usability in the field is another. AND IT'S A BIG "ANOTHER".

Here, I'll help you out Nikon. Here's what the Nikon Digital PEN should be.

- 12 MP sensor from the Nikon D90 (see, I'm making it easy... no new parts here!)
- F mount that takes all Nikon lenses (even easier, no MICRO mount... just use the existing one)
- Small body, approximate size and weight of the Olympus Digital PEN (think COOLPIX P6000)
- Body build has to be rugged and durable, think D300 / D700
- VR Image Stabilization built-in
- Dust Reduction
- AutoFocus Live View
- Face Detection
- RAW Image File setting

and here's a few extras to make it the BEST DAMN POCKET CAMERA EVER

- dual cards slots
- variable RAW file sizes (think sRAW on the Canons)
- movable vari-angle LCD monitor (like the P5000), but don't even think about adding to the weight and size because of this
- HD movie mode
- use the D90's 12 MP sensor, but re-work the processors so it delivers D700-like high ISO. Yeah baby, I'm talking usable 12,800 ISO!

Come on Nikon! As Rob Schneider says... "You can do it!"

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