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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mrs. Ballard Shoots The Canon G10 - Straight Out Of Camera Jpegs

Canon G10 Jpeg - Daddy and Lilly

So last night when Renee and I took Lilly to the park after dinner, I set my new Canon G10 to program mode, ISO 200, and handed it to Renee to take some photos of Lilly and I.

I had a couple of reasons for wanting Mrs. Ballard to shoot with the G10.

First of all, there always seems to be lots of photos of Mum and Lilly, and not many of Daddy and Lilly. The curse of being the photographer in the family. :-) Last night, I wanted Renee to get some shots of Lilly and I with my new Canon G10.

Secondly, I wanted to see how Renee liked the G10. She's not a technical person when it comes to cameras and computers and likes to take photos in full automatic or program mode. I wanted to get her feedback on how she liked shooting with the Canon G10.

Third, I wanted to see how the G10 did with a non-professional shooter at the helm, set to program mode and used strictly as a point and shoot. Renee has a great eye for composition, but she wants nothing to do with learning "all that f stop stuff." This was a great chance to see how the Canon G10 performs with a regular, everyday snapshot shooter at the controls.

Here's some samples I picked out from the photos Renee took with the G10. These are all straight out of camera jpegs, resized to 400 pixels on the long edge in Lightroom, with no other alterations other than the resizing.

I usually shoot the G10 in RAW mode or RAW + Jpeg, and then edit the photos in Lightroom, so Mrs. Ballard shooting was also a great opportunity to look at the quality of the Canon G10 jpegs straight out of the camera.

Click on the any of the G10 photos to see a larger image.

You can view the full resolution jpegs on my Flickr page at Mrs. Ballard Shoots The Canon G10 - Straight Out Of Camera Jpegs

Canon G10 Jpeg - Lilly in her wagon

Canon G10 Jpeg - Lilly running the corner store

Overall, I was impressed with the jpegs out of the G10. They are crisp, have good detail, and look good straight out of the camera. Of course, I always like to tinker in Lightroom, so I probably would have tweaked them a bit here and there, but the point is, they look good as is.

The Canon G10 does well in program mode. Renee was impressed with the way the G10 handles, and she enjoyed shooting with it. She found the autofocus to be quick, and she loved the large, clear LCD on the back of the Canon G10.

Renee didn't mind the size of the G10, or the weight. She liked the overall feel of the Canon G10, and she had fun shooting with it. I may have to buy her a G10 of her own. :-)

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