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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Canon 7D - A Sad Day For Canon Shooters - No Full Frame, Just An Updated 50D

Well... I was wrong, and Canon is stupid. (maybe not... read my latest article, Re-Evaluating the Canon 7D).

The Canon 7D has been announced. Ba da bum ba da bing... thummmppp :-(

Big Raspberry to Canon! BIG BIG BIG Raspberry.

Why on earth did they release what is essentially a 50D upgrade and call it the 7D?

Canon had a great chance here to make a stir... cause some waves... rock the boat...

But no, they dropped the ball. The 7D is no full frame DSLR. It's just an update to the Canon 50D with a new name attached.

The one (POSSIBLY) good thing about the new Canon 7D is the new auto focus system. I say possibly because it remains to be seen if it's an improvement on the existing one, or if it'll be worse, like the 1D MkIII was. Hopefully, it'll be a BIG improvement, as Canon shooters deserve an auto focus system that works, unlike the 5D MkII.

I'm really disappointed that they not only made the 7D a crop sensor DSLR, but that they crammed another 3 megapixels into it too.

Remember when Canon announced the 50D and claimed it had better high ISO? And then we saw the images, and it was painfully obvious that the 50D most certainly did not have better high ISO.

Remember looking at the high ISO from the 40D and the Nikon D300 and seeing how much better it was than the Canon 50D? (If you don't remember, here's a refresh from over at DPReview.)

Well, I have little hope that the Canon 7D will have better high ISO ability than even the 50D (which isn't saying much), let alone the 40D. Of course it's possible I'm wrong. I was wrong about the 7D being full frame (again... Stupid Canon, just really stupid).

Why, Canon? Why? Oh, the inhumanity of it all.

On the plus side, Nikon's much anticipated D700X will DEFINITELY be a full frame DSLR.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I am severely disappointed as well. Had the 7D been full frame my order would be in right now. My 5D is going to hold me a while longer as I plan my defection to Sony or Nikon.