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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Zach and the 5DMk2

It's kinda like a heretical confession, but Zach Arias admits to shooting with a Canon 5DMk2.

All kidding aside, he's got some great shots posted in his latest post I Feel Like I'm In A Tool Video :: Julia with the 5d Mk II.

As usual, Zach is making use of some cool locations including an old Atlanta prison. You can always learn something from looking through Zach's latest images, and these are no exception.

He's also shooting with a Canon 90mm tilt-shift for several of the shots, which adds an entirely unique look all on it's own.

If you haven't seen Zach's "One Light" video, you should check it out. The Z-man knows his lighting, and he's willing to share. :)

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