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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Ultimate Bounce Card

If you're like me, you've tried just about every flash modifier out there. There's tupperware types galore, OEM modifiers that come with flashes like Nikon's SB-800, mini-softboxes, and a host of others.

My friend Peter Gregg introduced me to my favourite flash modifier, A Better Bounce Card a couple of years ago, and even though I continue to try others that come out, I find myself returning to it every time. It just works!

Last year, I up-graded to the latest version, the Ultimate Bounce Card, and I love it! Elegant in it's simplicity, it works like a charm. You can use it to shape light however you need to, and best of all... you can achieve AMAZING results with on-camera flash. Yup, I said it... with on-camera flash.

Sure you can get awesome results by going with off-camera flash. Sure some shots need elaborate off-camera lighting set-ups. But for the most part, for wedding and photojournalism type work, on-camera flash with the Ultimate Bounce Card will get the job done beautifully with no extra work setting up lights and equipment... something I find to be almost essential when I need to work quickly and efficiently such as at a wedding or a PJ type shoot.