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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lithium Ion Batteries that recharge in seconds!

When I read this I thought, yeah... that's a tech leap that I can use! Imagine the potential!

This article over at Nature News talks about the many possibilities including electric cars, which I have to admit wasn't my first thought.

My first thought was DSLR batteries, AA's for my flashguns, and my laptop battery all recharging in seconds. How sweet would that be!

Of course, the point about electric cars is probably much more important in the grand scheme of things. One of the biggest downfalls of electric vehicles right now is the crazy long recharge time, and the equally crazy short range after that crazy long recharge.

Imagine now that you could plug in once you got somewhere, and your car would be recharged and ready to go in seconds! Long trips would now be feasible. Instead of pulling over for gas, you could pull over for a few seconds to recharge. Even better, you could recharge with a solar cell in seconds and not even have to stop driving!

Very cool!