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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Judy Cormier - Elementz of Fotographie

Elementz of fotographie, judy cormier

For those of you that shoot weddings, you may know my friend Judy Cormier. Judy has a keen eye when it comes to creating an image, and her vision comes through full force with the beautiful images she produces.

Judy hails from Toronto and is not only a great photographer, but a really wonderful person. Check out her site Elementz of Foto to have a look through her work.

What you may not know is that Judy doesn't "just" shoot weddings. She also does "Obzessions".

What's an "Obzession" you say?

To quote Judy... "An obZession is for the man in your life ... but wait, don't even think that it isn't for you too. Whether you're a bride to be, a wife, even a mom, an obZession is designed for you to feel beautiful, the bonus of which is a gorgeous gift for your groom, husband or boyfriend! "

You can see some of the fantastic "Obzession" images over at the Elementz site as well as on the Elementz blog.

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