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Monday, October 25, 2010

Nikon D700x / D800 Status

Nikon D700x DSLR
Nikon D700x / D800 DSLR

For those of you that have read Nikon D4, D4x, 700s, 700x 2011 Lineup, you'll know I expect to see the Nikon D700x in 2011.

Perhaps one of the most written about, sought after, dreamed of DSLR cameras to date, the D700x / D800 will be the perfect camera for a lot of photographers. I know I want one!

The Nikon D700x, also referred to as the Nikon D800 and Nikon D900, will feature the sensor from the current DSLR King, the Nikon D3x. That means we'll be getting the 24 megapixel goodness in the wonderful D700 body, the perfect mating of performance and ergonomics for many shooters.

The Nikon D3x is the BEST camera in a 35mm DSLR that money can buy at the time of this writing. Check out DXOMark to see why.

Now take that BEST ranking and drop it into a smaller, lighter, more ergonomically friendly body, and it's easy to see what all the fuss is about.

The question on most people's minds is "Where is it?" or "Why hasn't Nikon released it yet?"

I touch on this in Nikon D4, D4x, 700s, 700x 2011 Lineup. Basically, I think Nikon didn't want to cannobilize D3x sales until they were close to releasing the D4x.

The Nikon D4x is expected to have a new 38 megapixel sensor, and when it's out, Nikon should have no fear of releasing the Nikon D700x with the D3x's 24MP sensor. The D4x will have no need to fear losing sales to the D700x as it'll be significantly more advanced with signficantly more resolution.

Nikon will have the best of both worlds. The D4x will sell well to those needing the BEST, and the D700x will sell like crazy to the rest of us who want the next closest thing to the BEST at a MUCH BETTER price.

When, in 2011, Nikon releases the Nikon D700x /D800 is dependant on a couple of things.

First off, it'll depend on whether Nikon chooses to release the D700x / D800 just before or just after the Nikon D4x. This could go either way as Nikon could benefit from either choice, especially if they leak info on either camera prior to releasing the other.

For example, let's say Nikon chooses to release the D700x /D800 before the D4x. If they leak info, images, arrange public sightings of the D4x in use, the D700x /D800 will sell very well and not hurt any sales of the D4x as those who would buy the D4x will know it's coming from the leaks.

Conversely, the same strategy could be used if the D4x is released before the D700x /D800.

I think we'll see the Nikon D4x released, or at least announced, first, followed by the Nikon D700x /D800.

When you say?

I expect we'll see the Nikon D4x announced by March 2011, and the D700x /D800 shortly after.
In the meantime, let me know by posting a comment or emailing me if you have any info to share on either the D4x or D700x /D800.

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