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Friday, October 22, 2010

Sony NEX-5 vs Nikon D90 Comparison Contradicts DXOMark Nikon D3100 Test Results

Following my previous post Nikon D90 Beats Nikon D3100 at High ISO where I discussed the DXOMark test results of the D3100 vs the D90, a reader posted this Cameralabs comparison of the NEX-5 vs the Nikon D90 showing conflicting test results.

In the Cameralabs tests of the Sony NEX-5 vs the Nikon D90, the NEX-5 clearly beats the Nikon D90 at higher ISO settings.

Considering the Nikon D3100 uses a similar sensor to the Sony NEX-5, this adds to my thoughts that something is out of whack with the DXOMark test results.

If anything, the Nikon D3100 will perform better than the NEX-5 as Nikon has always delivered superior image quality compared to the Sony DSLR cameras.

Factor in Thom Hogan's and my own initial findings that the Nikon D3100 is better than the Nikon D90 at high ISO settings, and the evidence is piling up against the DXOMark results.

The question is why?

In the past, I've always found the DXOMark results to be quite accurate and reflective of my own findings, so I'm curious why that isn't the case with the D3100.

If you come across any other NEX-5 or Nikon D3100 high ISO tests or comparisons, please post them in the comments section as I'd like to see them. Thanks!

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