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Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Video Post: Why to Buy the Nikon D90 Over the Nikon D3100

I'm getting lots of people writing to ask about whether they should buy a Nikon D3100 or Nikon D90.

While I've written about this previously in my post 3 Reasons to Buy the Nikon D90 Over the Nikon D3100, it seems many are still up in the air about choosing between the two.

So I decided to do a video explaining why you might want the Nikon D90 Over the Nikon D3100!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So you would be more apt to buy the D90 over the 3100 if its your only camera. I currently have a d40 with a 18x135mm lens. I'm considering the 3100 because:
1. it shoots 1080p
2. the new sensor
3. it's light weight
4. that my current lens would work with the 3100 since the focus is in the lens rather than the body.

I'm a novice looking to shoot great photos of 3 young kids and I would primarily like to get up to date and not have to lug something else around for short video clips.