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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Nikon D90 - The Perfect DSLR For Just About Anyone

Nikon D90 - The Perfect DSLR
I get people asking me all the time what DSLR they should buy. I used to tailor my recommendations based on a number of questions concerning what they're going to use it for. Nowadays, my answer is almost always, buy a Nikon D90.

It's the perfect DSLR for just about everyone!

The Nikon D90 is an amazing DSLR camera at an amazing price point.

Prior to the D90, I'm not sure I would've had a recommendation for the PERFECT DSLR for everyone. There were so many variables and so many pluses and minuses to most DSLR cameras.

And then along came the Nikon D90.

The D90 is advanced enough for all but the most demanding professionals to use, yet approachable enough for the beginning hobbyist. The D90 is so well built, so well designed, so well spec'ed, and such a great price, that it takes the cake for best value out there in the DSLR market.

I find myself picking up my D90 over any of my other cameras almost all the time now. My Nikon D300 sits lonely in my camera bag, upstaged by it's little brother. The lighter body of the D90 is so pleasant to work with, and I love the versatility of the 18-105 VR lens that I bought with it.

The image quality of the D90 is top notch. 12MP never looked so good! While other manufacturers are trying to jam more and more megapixels into a crop sensor DSLR, Nikon understands that 12 megapixels is more than almost anybody needs and that quality trumps quantity. We don't need more megapixels. Give us better IQ, dynamic range, and high ISO ability.

The D90 is rugged and well built. The body is solid and capable of taking a beating, yet light and compact enough to not pull your neck out of shape or your back out of joint.

The D90 auto focus is best in class. Only the flagship auto focus system in the Nikon D300s, D3s, D700, or D3x is better, and for most uses, you'll never notice the difference. Unlike a lot of Canon DSLR's that seem chronically plagued with back focus, front focus, and out of focus problems, the Nikon D90 auto focus system just works.

Unless you're a professional who requires the ABSOLUTE best DSLR on the market, the Nikon D90 is probably more camera than you'll ever need. Even professionals who require the top of the line DSLR's will find the Nikon D90 to be a great back-up camera.

If you're in the market for a DSLR, check out the Nikon D90. You won't be dissappointed!

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1 comment:

mark vann said...

I've had several Nikon DX format DSLRs. While Nikon's 17-55/2.8 lens is fantastic these cameras really need better prime lens support. The 35/1.8 was a great step in the right direction but more lenses such as a 20/1.8, 24/1.8 and 60/1.8 are needed to feed the sensors with higher pixel density much needed light.