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Monday, July 13, 2009

Uncle Bob's Top 5 Reasons Your Mother is a Better Photographer Than You

5. Mom doesn't pretend to know how to use her camera. She just pushes the little thingie-ma-bob and takes the picture. You'd miss it because you were playing with all the settings because you know more than Mom does about taking photos.

4. Mom takes pictures all the time of everyone she loves. You're too busy reading blogs about photography and trying to get all the latest rumours on what new cameras are coming out. Mom doesn't care about any of that, but she loves to take pictures of her kids, grandkids, family and friends.

3. Mom has a nice little camera she carries everywhere in her purse. When she sees something that catches her eye, she pulls out her little pocket camera and takes a picture. You would never shoot with a little point and shoot camera like Mom's. It's beneath you.

Of course, your camera is a little heavy, especially with all the lenses and flashes you need to take your amazing photos, so you don't take your camera out with you much. Usually just when you're getting paid for it. Hence, Mom gets tons more photos than you. Some aren't that great quality, but at least she got them!

2. Mom just takes a picture and then emails it or posts it on Facebook. She doesn't tinker with it. She doesn't spend hours in Photoshop trying out a million different actions. You know you can get a much better looking photo if you play with it a bit in Photoshop or Lightroom.

Of course, you hardly ever get that done and your photos sent out or posted because you're too busy playing with them, so everyone thinks Mom is a better photographer than you because they never see your photos.

1. She's your mother. Are you going to tell her you're better than her?

See you next Monday,
Uncle Bob

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1 comment:

Toni said...

Absolutely Love This! And yes, I'm a Mom! But, I kind of fit the other profile...ummmm