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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Geotagging Photos & Nikon DSLR GPS Options

Using a GPS unit for geotagging photos with your DSLR is getting more and more popular.

It's easy to see why because geotagging photos is fun!

Just look at Terry White's post, Nikon D300 + N2 di-GPS = FUN!

If you shoot with a Nikon DSLR, there are several options for geotagging photos.

The N2 di-GPS that Terry reviews is one. It's $180 US including shipping, and as you can tell from Terry's post, he likes the N2 di-GPS.

N2-di-GPS-mini GPS Unit for Nikon DSLR

Dawn Technology Limited, the makers of the N2-di-GPS also have a pro version called the di-GPS Pro L with a built in data logger.

di-GPS-PRO-L GPS for Nikon DSLRs

Nikon's own GPS Unit, the Nikon GP-1 is another option. At just over $200 US, it's about the same price as the N2 di-GPS, and you can't go wrong buying Nikon.

The Promote Systems GPS is another option for Nikon shooters that works with the Nikon D300, D700, D3, D2X, D2Xs, D2Hs, D200 and Fuji S5 Pro DSLR Cameras. At $149, it's a fair bit cheaper than the Nikon GP-1 or the N2 di-GPS.

Gerard Prins over at Nikon Reviews in a Nutshell gives the Promote Systems GPS-N-1 a Highly Recommended in his review "Geotagging" with your Nikon. Review of the Promote GPS N-1.

The GiSTEQ PhotoTrackr is another option for Nikon DSLR cameras that may be your best value at the moment. Amazon has it on for $79.99 as of now while I'm writing this post.

Ben Spark has a review of the GiSTEQ PhotoTrackr on his blog,, which he sums up by saying "The GiSTEQ™ PhotoTrackr™ ROCKS! And the GPS is very accurate."

If you want to get into geotagging photos with your Nikon DSLR, these are some great options to consider. Obviously your budget is going to weigh in heavily on what you choose, but the GiSTEQ PhotoTrackr looks like best value for geotagging photos at the moment.

** Update - New Geotagging article - Geotagging Photos and Nikon DSLR GPS Hardware and Software Comparison by Dierk Haasis**


Richard said...

My option only costs $5!

I use the iPhone app GeoLogTag to geotag all photos taken with my D80. If you have an iPhone 3G or 3GS this certainly is a valid option.
Note that there are a bunch of iPhone apps with similar functionality but I have no experience with these.

gate valves said...

wow! thats really cheap and a very smart idea. nice one richard.

Anonymous said...

I've used GeoLogTag too, and it's a fantastic app. The only problem with an iPhone app is if you travel out of the US (like we just did), you have to shell out TONS of cash for a data plan. I did not and kept my phone in Airplane mode, and the GPS won't work in Airplane mode. It also eats up your battery life, so don't stray far from a charger.

So many of these GPS devices use the hotshoe on top of the camera. But what if I want to use my swanky speedlight?

Thanks for the article!

Anonymous said...

Richard: GeoLogTag is indeed a great app, and I've used it with great success. The only problem is, if you and your iPhone travel out of the country, and if you don't spend tons of cash on a data plan, the GPS won't work with the phone in Airplane mode.

Oh, as I also learned: GPS loggers might not work on a cruise ship. I assume all the instrumentation aboard caused interference.

Richard said...

@Charity: I don't think you're right about the data roaming costs.
Just before I went on vacation, I asked the app developer a question about data roaming and he stated that his app never tries to make whatever data connection. Seems the GPS can work without a data connection.
So, I tried it and it's true indeed. I had no data roaming costs at all during my 3 week trip abroad.

It's a pitty that I have no cruise ship experiences to share :-)