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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pick a Canon Digital Camera for Life - Canon 550D T2i 600D T3i 60D 7D 5D MkII 1D MkIV 1Ds MkIII

We did a video on picking a Nikon DSLR for the rest of your life, so of course we need to do the Canon side. So, if you had to pick a Canon DSLR to last you the rest of your life, what would it be? The Canon 550D, the Canon 600D, the Canon 7D the Canon 5D MkII, the Canon 1D MkIV, or the Canon 1DS MkIII?

Click play on the video above to watch.

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KAPUNA said...

My comment is not directly related to camera selection but hoping you will be able to take a moment to share with me regarding the audio portion of this video.

Have enjoyed your past offerings and noticed that you had what appeared to be a recorder/mike on the desk and this time it was not in evidence?

I assumed (we all know what that results in) that you were recording your audio on the recorder/mike and were blending that with the video in post production and am now wondering if that was the case or are you using another approach?

I completly agree on your observations about the Canon 60D and as a result mine is slated to arrive on Tuesday.

I intend to use it mostly for video and hoping to get the most bang for my meager budget but yet be able to get quality results for my viewers and I fully understand the role that quality audio plays in the final product.

Would appreciate any suggestions you might have.

Many Thanks,

Anonymous said...

I just listented to your comments on choosing a Canon DSLR for life and the I read your article from August 2009 about focussing problems with Canon. I have a Canon 450D and have always used Canon and I'm upgrading this year. I was planning on getting a Canon 5D MkII but I'm starting to wonder what's the best way to go. Even with my 450D I haven't been happy with the auto focus. Maybe I should consider crossing the fence to the other side and purchase a Nikon D700 or D800, if that's out by the end of this year. Thanks for giving food for thought. I will keep tuned.

Matt Ballard said...

@Kapuna - The mic on the desk is a Zoom H2. Totally recommend it! Great value for price and performance! Yes, I'm recording with it and syncing the audio in post.