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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Glamour Photography with Low-End DSLR 's - Canon 550D T2i XTi 60D T3i Nikon D90 D7000 D3100

Who says Pro's only use top end equipment? It's a popular misconception, but the old axiom has never been truer than it is today... "It's the photographer behind the camer." A good photographer can take a great photo with any of today's DSLR digital cameras as shown by PRO photographer Joe Farace who uses a Canon 50D, Canon Rebel XTi, and Canon Rebel XT for his Glamour Photography.

Check out the Joe's original article over

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Puneet Dembla said...

hey I am not a pro, But I am a Published photographer in My India's No. 1 magazine BETTER PHOTOGRAPHY.
I first thought that it was not possible for me, that I was using Nikon D40 and kit lens But I had got 6 photographs and a big article and a photo ran double spread. I must say it is the photographs, not the camera !!!! You can see the photos :
Go to my light paiting set.