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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

BEST Way to Light a Green Screen - ChromaKey - Cheaply WITHOUT Using Halogen Shoplights

A lot of readers have asked how I light my Green Screen to use chromakey backgrounds for video.

Good question!

When I started doing Chromakey or Green Screen video, I did a lot of research online and on Youtube to see how others were doing it.

The prevalent method was to use halogen shop lights, so I went out and spent just under $200 on halogen shop lights only to find they don't actually work that well. They're too hot, and they don't light the Green Screen very evenly which is VERY important.

Tweaking a photography lighting method I've used, I came up with a MUCH better way to light my green screen, and even better, it was WAY CHEAPER! Here's how I do it

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good shit