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Monday, September 13, 2010

Canon 1Ds MarkIV or Nikon D4x - Which will come first?

Canon 1Ds Mark IV
Canon 1Ds Mark IV

CanonRumors has been posting various tidbits and rumors relating to when we might expect to see the Canon 1Ds MarkIV.

Most of us were expecting to see the 1Ds MarkIV announced by Photokina this year, but it would seem that may not be happening. In fact, if the rumors are true, Canon may be waiting for Nikon to announce the Nikon D4x before they make any Canon 1Ds MarkIV annoucements.

Regardless of if they wait for Nikon, the rumor now is that we won't see the 1Ds MarkIV until 2011, or (GASP!) even early 2012.

I'm kinda doubtful of this though. Traditionally, neither Nikon or Canon has held back new products in order to see what the other is doing. Even if Canon wanted to see what Nikon is going to announce with the Nikon D4x, why not release the 1Ds MarkIV now and then tweak an update as an "s" version later if need be?

Let's say Canon announces the 1Ds MarkIV this week in time for Photokina. They get to enjoy top spot in the game for a while until Nikon announces the Nikon D4x, both satisfying professionals who need the update to the 1Ds MarkIII and keeping the Canon faithful happy that Canon is remaining a strong competitor in the DSLR game.

Then, when Nikon announces the D4x, if Canon feels they need to do some tweaks and up-dates to the 1Ds MkIV in response, they can release an updated "s" version... the Canon 1Ds MarkIVs.

It's a win-win situation.

Frankly, I don't see any benefit in Canon waiting to release the 1Ds MarkIV. Just the opposite actually, I see a lot of potential negative to waiting.

Come on Canon... show us what you've got!

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