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Monday, August 30, 2010

Nikon D4x at 38 Megapixels!

Ahhh Hahhh! I knew it was gonna be big, but this is BIGGER than I thought.

Thom Hogan is hinting at the D4x being 38 Megapixels! Yes, you read that right folks... 38 MEGAPIXELS!

That'll officially take the D4x to the top of the Megapixel Pile when it is released next year. The Canon 1Ds MkIV is rumored to come in at 29 or 30 megapixels, so that'll give the D4x a healthy 8 megapixel leg up.

The existing Megapixel King is Nikon's flagship top of the line D3x. It's 24.5 Megapixel sensor is a resolution giant!

Imagine the D4x topping the already excellent D3x by a whopping 14 megapixels!

I don't doubt it can be done. As Thom notes, Nikon's smallest sensel design is capable of 38 megapixels. Thom also notes that this would truly be a sensor that "exceed(s) what most lenses can resolve."

Good times! As the flagships get better, the trickle down flows faster into the rest of the fleet, and we get more technological goodness for much less... just look at the new Nikon D3100!


Anonymous said...

A triumph of technology over reason! Billboard photographers should love this camera

Anonymous said...

Because I'm not fond of the bulky & expensive D-(single digit) cameras, all I'm interested is the D700 successor for landscape photography. Higher resolution & better dynamic range is my priority, although contradicting high iso performance may be essential for another camp.

I wonder the possible resolution of D800/D900, whether it will inherit a tweaked sensor of D3x (24mp) or 38/2= 19mp, or 38/(1.5^2)= 17mp, or D3s (12mp).

In today's elevated resolution standards (eg. 14mp DX D3100) compared to 2 years ago, the last option can be dismissed. Plus, there are already rumors to be either 16, 18 or 24mp.