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Friday, August 27, 2010

Nikon D7000 Spec Rundown

With excitement running high from the announcement of the Nikon D3100, I've been thinking a lot about the soon to be announced Nikon D90 replacement, the Nikon D7000.

While the Nikon D3100 is exciting, and I am definately buying one (it just may be the perfect prime camera), I'm even more excited about the coming D7000.

The D3100 specs provide some insight into what the D7000 specs will be, and they look VERY promising!

Here's what I anticipate the Nikon D7000 specs to be...

16 megapixel CMOS sensor, giving us 4 more megapixels over the existing D90's 12 megapixel sensor.

1080p HD Video with multiple settings including 24fps, 30fps, full manual exposure control, an external mic input, and full manual audio control. The D7000 is going to bring Nikon into the top of the pile when it comes to DSLR video capability. In effect, the D7000 will become Nikon's video flagship until the D400, D4, and D4x come out.

AF-F full-time servo autofocus in LiveView for continous auto focus while recording movies. The D7000 will be the 2nd Nikon body to feature this after the D3100, and it will continue to cement Nikon's new lead in the area of DSLR video.

ISO 100 - 12,800 (possibly even a high boost to 25,600) and a full stop, maybe two, better high ISO quality than the current DX high ISO champ, the Nikon D90. This will be awesome! The D7000 will cause many folks to wonder if they really need an FX body like the D700 when the D7000 is so good at less than half the price.

An ALL NEW Auto Focus System, rumored to be a 39 Point Auto Focus Sytem. While the 39 Points are pure speculation at this stage, the fact that it will have an up-graded AF from the D90's already great AF system is VERY exciting!

I expect the D7000 to use the EN-EL3e li-ion rechargeable battery, same as the D90, D300s, and D700, which is great news for those of us that own these other cameras. I like having batteries that fit all my cameras!

I also expect the D7000 to have a similar monitor to the D90, D300s, and D700, if not the same 3" 920,000 monitor. Why fix what ain't broken? :-)

Likewise, the D7000 will continue in the footsteps of the D90's ability to use all AF Nikkor lenses, a BIGGIE for me and many other Nikon shooters. This is one of the limitations of the new D3100, but then the D7000 has to have a few advantages over it's little brother.

All in all, the D7000 is poised to be MUCH more than just a upgrade to the already excellent Nikon D90, which is perhaps why the name has gone to the D7000 instead of D95. The D7000 will be the most fully featured DSLR camera at it's price point, something which is sure to give the other players like Canon and Sony grounds to think about what their new offerings should deliver.

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