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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Why is the Canon T3i 600D Amazon's #1 Best Selling DSLR Digital Camera???

Canon EOS 600D T3i DSLR Digital Camera

I was a little surprised to see that the Canon T3i is Amazon's #1 Best Selling DSLR at the moment.  I mean, it's a little old in the tooth.  There are not one, but TWO updates to it as we're currently on the Canon T5i.

So what gives?  Why is the older, long in the tooth, Canon T3i so popular?

Well, there's one BIG reason, and it's actually fairly obvious if you think about it.


The Canon T3i represents one of the best values (if not THE best value) in DSLR digital cameras at the moment.

No, it's not the best DSLR out there.  It's not even the cheapest DSLR out there, but at Amazon's current price of $498.00 for the T3i + 18-55mm IS Kit, it's a pretty hard deal to beat.

Think about it.  For only $500 you get the same image and video quality as the higher priced Canon T5i, Canon 70D, and Canon 7D offer.

For video, the Canon T3i will give you excellent quality output, has the vari-angle LCD that makes it so much nicer to shoot with than a lot of it's competition, and for $500, just about anybody can afford one.  It really levels the playing field as to who can get into the game, and that's a key factor in the T3i's popularity.

Whether you're a young YouTuber just starting out, a photo hobbyist making the move into professional wedding or portrait photography, or even a someone getting into the professional world of video production, the Canon T3i is hard to beat.

For $500, and that's WITH A LENS folks, you can get in on the action.  Better yet, for $1,000 you've got 2 video cameras for multiple angles and a more professional looking video product (not to mention a back-up camera which is something EVERY professional should have).

So really, it's pretty easy to see why the aging Canon T3i is the #1 seller on Amazon right now.  It does everything most people NEED, and it does it for a VERY low price, and that equals great value folks. 

And that's the key to a best seller... good value.  Great value in the case of the Canon T3i.

Want even more convincing?  Click here to check out the fantastic user ratings for the Canon T3i on Amazon!

1 comment:

NuuVidea said...

The t3i does not have the same video quality as the 70d. I own both and the t3i not even close.