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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ode to a Nikon D3X

Oh, Nikon D3X
How do I want thee
Let me count the ways

It's not just lust
I think

Ours would be a true love
Your beauty, my brains
We would make incredible photos together

I would cherish you
I wouldn't be just using you
I would care for you too

I would keep your magnificent body
in pristine condition
I would even save your box
and all your packaging

I would put a very nice lens on you
And you could keep it on all the time
You could use all my lenses
whenever you want

I would always have a spare battery
charged and ready for you
and plenty of memory cards too

We would be
the best of friends

Alas, I fear...
Ours is a love that cannot be

Your current Canadian price
is $9449.99 (plus tax)
Mrs. Ballard says if I buy you
Our marriage gets the axe.

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