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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Neil VanNeikerk on Canon & Nikon TTL Flash

Neil Van Niekerk, Canon 5DMk2 TTL, Nikon D3 TTL

left: -3EV FEC .. Canon 5Dmk2; Canon 580EX II
right: -5EV FEC .. Nikon D3; SB-900; TTL BL

Ever wondered why the same settings don't seem to produce the same results when lighting with flash. Of course, I'm talking about using to different brand DSLR's here, Canon and Nikon.

The above images by Neil VanNiekerk show the different settings he needed to get an image from a Canon 5DMk2 and a Nikon D3 to have similar results.

Check out Neil's latest post common wisdom - Canon's TTL flash vs Nikon's TTL over on his PlanetNeil website for some great insight on how these two flash systems differ and how to tame them for your own use.

Have a look through Neil's other posts while you're over there. Niel isn't just a fantastic photographer, he's a great educator and writer. Caution: You may want to sign up for one of his workshops or seminars. :)

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