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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Ella Singing the FROZEN Theme Song - Fuji X-E2 + XF35mm f1.4R + Off-Camera Speedlites (x2)

Ella - Fuji X-E2 + XF35mm f1.4R + Off-Camera Speedlites (x2)
Ella - Fuji X-E2 + XF 35mm f1.4R + Off-Camera Speedlites (x2)

If you have kids, young girls to be specific, you're probably used to a similar scene at your house, and you've probably heard Disney's FROZEN theme song so many times you can sing it in your sleep. :-)

Watching Ella sing it for the one millionth time, I had the thought to grab a camera and light her with some speedlites for a stage-like effect.  Since the Fuij X-E2 is still visiting us here at Art of the Image, I thought I'd let it do the honors.

I have the Fujinon XF 35mm f1.4 here, as well as the Fujinon XF56mm f1.2, so I grabbed the 35 as the 56 was a little long for the small bedroom.

I slid a wireless trigger into the X-E2's hotshoe, and I set a speedlite camera left and a speedlite camera right, one with a wireless receiver and one set to slave.  

Both speedlites were slightly in front and angled back at Ella, catching her in a 45 degree cross-fire of sorts. 

I set the zoom on the speedlites to 70mm if memory serves, and then it was just a matter of dialing in the power.

Ella needs no encouragement when asked to sing FROZEN, so that was the easy part.  I just asked to to sing it for me and started taking pictures. :-)

The posing and theatrics is all Ella.  No direction from Dad. :-)

I was quite happy with the color out of the X-E2.  Nice and punchy, especially with the speedlites in play.

Looking back through these now, I'm still chuckling at the faces Ella makes.

The gif at the top of the article was automatically generated by Google+ when I uploaded the photos.  It made me laugh, and Mrs. Ballard thought it was funny too, so I thought I'd headline with it.

Equipment Used in this Shoot:
Fuji X-E2
Fujinon XF35mm f1.4R
Cowboy Wireless Triggers & Receivers
Nikon SB-26 Speedlites (x2) - check out the Yongnuo YN-560 II as a great alternative

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