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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sigma 120-400mm APO DG OS and Canon 60D: Crosses, Spires, and Gargoyles

A slideshow of images shot with the Sigma 120-400mm APO DG OS on my Canon 60D. It was snowing out for most of these, and I found the 60D struggled a little with the focus in the snow.

As far as my impressions so far of the Sigma 120-400mm APO DG OS, it's VERY good! Quite sharp through-out the range, but sharpest from 120 to 300mm. Focus is fast, and I'm really enjoying this lens!

1 comment:

Fabian Viana said...

now that you have had the sigma 120-400mm lens for over 2 years what is your final impression on the over all performance of the lens ? very interested in this lens. second question whey not choose the 150-500mm sigma lens?