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Friday, April 29, 2011

4 Reasons To Use a Card Reader Instead of Your Digital Camera

Here's 4 Reasons To Use a Card Reader Instead of Your Digital Camera to upload your photos from your memory card to your computer.

Check out the article at CanonBlogger


ToM_E said...

Hello Matt!
Great video on the card readers. You should mention the memory card as well. A slow class memory card won't be even fast using a card reader. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Matt love your stuff but my experience runs counter to this. I am a working professional with several hundred weddings under my belt as well as assorted shoots for magazines around the world. I have had card readers fall apart on me, even had the prongs come out and stay in a cf card once! The last staw was when one corrupt two cards from the same wedding when the power from my iMacs USB failed to supply enough power, or so the message on the iMac screen said.

It took 3 heart stopping days to recover the data from the cards successfully. From then on I have stuck to using my D3 as the most expensive and reliable cf card reader I have ever known. Sadly some cameras do not allow you to access via the USB port unless you use their software. The D700 is one such camera. I put it's cards in the D3 and access as normal from the desktop.

Others experience may vary but with a working camera the USB port seems strong and the deep cf card slots mean no problems with poor connections anymore.

Btw I do have the sandisk USB reader as well but for reliability I stick with the camera.

Regarding speed...I have a shower after the long days shoot and make a cup of coffee.

Keep up the good work. I thoroughly enjoy your take on things.