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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Nikon D7000 - My First Pet Peeve With the D7000!

Surprise, surprise, I've got a pet peeve with my beloved Nikon D7000!

Ok, it's a minor thing, nothing serious, but an irritant none-the-less with my D7000.

Click play on the video post for the run-down on what is irking me about my Nikon D7000!

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RichardAbouchedid said...

Hi Matt,

Thank you for your blog
Nikon D7000 vs Canon 60D?

thanks again

Richard Abouchedid
Cincinnati OH

rah said...

I share the same problem with you on my D90.

what i do is i program the ISO to the function button. It really comes handy and fast.

Anonymous said...

Alright let's see what I got from my list of pet peeves:

-ISO button
-That Aperture issue on liveview while on M mode,it's a shame.
-That rubber thingy by the lower end of the camera grip that hangs out after minor exstensive use(design fail).The battery gets exposed too easily.
-Audio in (design fail) audio cord doesn't stay in propery
-Viewfinder coverage is not really 100%, it's is really around 97%.
-Ergonomics.. here is where it is more of a personal taste and what kind of a photographer u R. If u are a fast worker in manual mode then maybe one should stick with a camera that is more hands on and more ERGO.. skip d7000.
- there are a few more.. but who cares.

Personal note: On paper its a good camera.
But new sensors and more pixels doesn't make great pictures. Good handling and exstensive use of a camera does make a difference.

In the end the fancy specs don't matter. It will only distract you from what u are trying to accomplish, and that is too capture that moment.