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Friday, May 13, 2011

Nikon D7000 vs Canon 60D Image Quality, High ISO Performance, and Auto Focus - Viewer Question

Today's viewer question is on the Nikon D7000 and the Canon 60D.

rebeltrooperhalla16 writes...

D7000 vs 60D (ISO Performance and Focusing)
Prices: On Amazon I see the 60D being sold for $1,399 and the D7000 being sold for $1,499 they both include lenses so to me they are pretty neck and nect on that.

First Question:
What I want to know is the ISO performance of the two. I know that the D7000 is superior to the 60D in image quality, and ISO performance with lower noise. But is the 60D almost neck and neck with the D7000 in its image quality and ISO performance or can you distinctly notice image quality differences between the two?

Second Question:
In terms of focusing. The D7000 I'm aware has 39fp vs the 60D's 9fp. And the 9 cross-type focus points from the D7000 compared to the 60D's 1 cross-type focus point...I'm confused as to what cross-type focus points are. Can you please explain to me what that is and what needs are met from the focus and cross-type focus points from each camera.

Thank You!

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