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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Canon EOS 40D: The Wait is Over!

Canon has announced the new 40D, successor to the venerable 30D! Basically we’re getting a "1D MkIII mini" which is good news! Here’s the main points worth noting…

- 10 megapixels – While some folks don’t want more, I’m happy to take them as long as it’s not at the expense of image quality and more high iso noise

- AF improvement over the 30D – This remains to be seen, but any improvement in auto-focus are always welcome.

- Very clean high iso images… as clean as the MK3 from what I’ve seen so far

- 6.5fps (30D was 5fps) - Not something that bothers me one way or the other. 5fps was fast enough for me, but hey… I’ll take 6.5 fps if you’re offering it.

- 14 bit / Digic III processor… The 30D was 12 bit and used the Digic II processor, so hopefully we’ll get a dynamic range advantage here in addition to the better high iso noise.

- sRAW (makes a 2.5MP file) – I’m not convinced how useful this is gonna be, but it’s a start. I’d like to see the ability to set your RAW size in ¼ or 1/3 increments. Apparently that’s not possible with current technology due to the way the pixels capture information (something to do with binning for you technology nuts)

- Dust Reduction – If it’s the same system as in the XTi, it’s pretty much useless. From the reviews I’ve read, the XTi’s dust reduction does virtually nothing. In fact, one review said the sensor was dirtier after the dust reduction process.

- 3” LCD – Bigger is welcome, although watch yourself as prolonged use of the LCD will really eat your batteries.

- LCD Liveview – Tres cool! We can now focus using the LCD, same as you can on a point & shoot. I like it!

- Weatherproof – The battery door and storage compartment have had some additional weather sealing added. Again, a welcome addition.

- Battery BP511 – Same as the 30D and 20D. Big bonus. These batteries work great… no need to change what ain’t broke. I’m happy Canon has made the smart decision to stay with the BP511 and not force me to buy yet another battery!

As I said, the 40D looks to be a “Mk3-mini” when you go over the specs. I like my 30D, so the 40D will be a welcome addition to the fold. I’ve never needed the additional features the 1D series offers, and the 40D will deliver the same image quality as the 1D MkIII at a third of the price. That’s what I call good value! I’d rather have three 40D’s than one Mk3.
Frankly, with the rate at which new DSLR’s are coming out, I’m much happier staying up to date with the current offerings than trying to get additional years out of a 1D series because of the HUGE additional investment. This way, my clients always get the best available image quality, and I can be more competitive in the marketplace because I haven’t spent more money than necessary on gear that doesn't offer me any advantages I need.