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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Daleks in the Backyard! Where? (Canon T6i + Canon 18-55mm STM Lens + Off Camera Flash)

The Canon T6i and 18-55mm STM kit lens were staring at me, just begging to take some photos, so I grabbed my trusty old Nikon SB-26 and remote triggers and headed out into the backyard.

...and you'll NEVER guess what I found!

Daleks! The first one I saw was on the air conditioning unit beside the back of the house. Luckily he didn't exterminate me before I was able to get a few shots with the T6i.

This first image is my favourite of all of them. The SB-26 speedlite is hand-held slightly above and to camera left. I just played with my aperture and shutter speed until I had what looked like a nice effect.

And then I found another Dalek in the strawberry gardens!

Similar set-up here. Speedlite is camera left, but lower this time.

 Moving over to the kids playset, there was another Dalek in the woodchips underneath (or maybe it was the same Dalek and he was just teleporting?).

There was even a Dalek in my garage perched on top of my snowblower! Maybe he was appropriating parts for repairs or something.

Again, speedlite is camera left and slightly above. Just played with the light balance until I liked what I saw on the T6i LCD. 

So far, I'm really enjoying the Canon T6i. It's a really nice update to the Canon EOS Rebel line-up, probably Canon's nicest one yet (not including the T6s). 

The camera is well built and feels good in the hand. It's responsive and quick to lock on for auto focus. The touch screen LCD is really nice and a welcome feature, especially the tap and shoot, although it is nowhere near as fast or refined as the Panasonics or Olympus bodies. The GX7 I have here just BLOWS the T6i away in this area.

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